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I'm a Photographer that enjoys, Weddings photography, Engagement photography, Quinceanera photography, Sweet 16 photographyFamily Portrait photography, High School Senior photography, Head Shot photography and I own a Photo Booth.  Unlike other photographers I'm happy showing you my prices. I don't have a studio nor do I believe I need one to provide you with awesome images. In fact, me not having a studio will save money.


I'm a photographer and I enjoy Wedding photography, Engagement photography, Quinceanera photography, Sweet 16 photography, Family Portrait photography, High School Senior photography and Head Shot photography. I was born in Brooklyn New York, I currently live in Sacramento California and I suspect that one day I may be living in Miami Florida.

Besides photography I enjoy Lenny Kravtiz, Prince, Daft Punk, Jazz, Salsa, Herb RittsMario TestinoAnnie Leibovitz, Sue BryceChase Jarvismotorcycle commuting, coffee, red wine, Guinness, cigars, LevisYouTubeTwitterInstagramAppleGoogleUrban Street Artthe Bible Project, fur babies and my family. 

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