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Here is a list the most Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do you work with an assistant? - All my packages include one photographer, that's me and an assistant. However, if you feel the need for a second photographer, that could be arranged at a additional cost.

  2. What if I go over the agreed wedding day hours? - If you would like me to stay longer on your wedding day I will bill you for the time.


  1. How much is your wedding photography going to cost me? - I have 3 packages. The minimum package starts at $1,500 and contains:
    • 6 hours of wedding day coverage
    • 1 Photographer
    • Digital Negatives
  2. Is there a traveling fee? - There could be. Go to Google Maps and find out the mileage between my zip code 95655 and the zip code of your wedding venue. If your venue is:
    • between 0  - 49 miles of 95655 = $0
    • between 50 - 74 miles of 95655 = $150
    • between 75 - 99 miles of 95655 = $200
    • between 100 - 149 miles of 95655 = $250
    • between 150 - 199 miles of 95655 = $300
  3. Do you accept credit cards? - Only if you are paying in full, if not cash or check is fine.

  4. How much is the retainer fee? - The retainer fee is 50% of the complete package and it is required at the contract signing. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the wedding.

  5. If I pay in cash can we skip the sales tax? - No. Collecting cash does not exempt a customer from paying California sales tax. 

  6. If we cancel the wedding, will we receive our retainer back? - No. Your retainer is not refundable.

  7. If we change our wedding date after we sign the contract, will you be able to accommodate us? - If your new date is available on my calendar, I'll be happy to do so. However, if it's not available on my calendar your retainer will not be refunded.

  8. Do you offer any wedding discounts on the offseason, weekdays or Sundays? - No. I work just as hard to present you with beautiful wedding images whether it's a Saturday in July or a Thursday in December. 

  9. Where is your pricing information? - I don't post my prices on-line, but I'll be happy to share packages with you at the consultation.

  10. Are there any hidden fees? - No, but prices are subject to change without notice.

  11. How do I book you for my wedding? - Fill out the contact form for a consultation and at our meeting I suggest that you:

    • Bring your Fiancé, your parents or any decision makers.
    • Bring a list of questions. 


  1. Explain what is a Parents Canvas Set? -This is two 11x14 canvas prints destined for the parents of the Bride & the parents of the Groom. I believe that after all the excitement we have put our parents through a canvas print is a nice wedding momento.

  2. What are Digital Negatives? - The are many different name for unprinted files. They are known as digital negatives, image files, digital files. Which ever way you decided to call them, they will be delivered with printing rights. 

  3. What is a Image Gallery? - It's an on line library where your images reside so you can share them with family & friends.

  4. Do you deliver every image you shoot? - No. I exercise artistic freedom and I eliminate all bad expression and duplicates. 

  5. When do I get my digital negatives? - Your images will be ready for download within 8 weeks. 

  6. Do you touch up all the images? - All images are cropped and color corrected before they are uploaded to the gallery. I will work on eliminating skin blemishes of all your album and canvas images.

  7. How many wedding day images can I expect? - You can expect anywhere between 300 - 500 wedding day images.

  8. How do you deliver my wedding images? - Via download. 

  9. If I choose, can I buy an album later? - Yes you can. 

  10. What album size are available? - 10x10 or 12x12 leather bound albums.

  11. Can I add more page to the album? - Yes. Albums pages are sold in pairs, the left & right side, known as a spread.

  12. How many album revisions can we make? - You get 2 albums revisions, after that, it's a $100 per revision.

  13. Can I get all of the RAW/un-edited photos? - I don't provide or sell the RAW (unprocessed) files from any event.

  14. Do you provide wedding videography services? - No.

  15. Do you have a photo booth services? - Yes.

  16. Do you do destination weddings? - No.

  17. Do you speak Spanish? - Yes.