The Grit Project

Hair & MakeUp | Brenda

If one isn't careful, the formula of a hair color change can break, damage and even make you bald if you don’t pay attention to what your doing. Also working in a salon does have negative effects on your body, particularly on your feet and back as you tend to be standing all shift long.

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I Pushed | Laura

The test results are telling me that the odds are against me. Am I going to spend the rest of my life working retail?  I was depressed. I stopped working, I didn't want to be around anyone and I spent a few months in limbo. One morning, I woke up tired of the way I was feeling...

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Carlos ValentinoComment
Be a Man | Marvin

"There is so much to do, to show, to discipline and to complete. The road is hard and long. I thank God I got this role. I love my wife and together we are being the best parents we can; we love it. My advise to another man is don't underestimate your role."

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Cuba | Dennis

"This trip to Cuba provoked us to ask questions we had never asked before. I don't have any memories or knowledge of my father any of his friends in Cuba. One of the questions I asked was if he had any friends in Cuba, the answer was yes."

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Day of the Dead | Melissa

"In the past, I never really celebrated Dia de Los Muertos. Recently, I've been drawn to the Art . I love the different colors and how various artist portray their visions of the beauty of the dead, their loved ones. I hope when I pass, my love ones will celebrate my life by telling stories of me while drinking some fine wine and food."

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NYC | Sunny

"I’m a big beach lover and yes New York City has beaches. There's a beach in Coney Island and a beach in Rockaway Queens and so many others beaches to keep cool in the summer and their just a train ride away. My best memories of Coney Island was the first time I rode a wooden Roller Coaster with my Dad."

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Compton | Robert

"When I was a kid, I thought I was living in a normal environment. When the street lights came on, we were to get out of the streets and be in the house because most gang and drug activity to place at night. I wanted to leave Compton and when my daughter turned 3rd months old..."

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