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The Grit

Be a Man | Marvin

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You are the father of 2 handsome and vibrant boys. What goes through your mind when it comes to your boys? 

"From the moment of birth, when you first hold your child, that moment is indescribable. Elation, pride, fear, you name it and it's rushing through your mind and your heart. From the moment you go to sleep at night, to the moment you leave for work and return home; the emotions are the same. Every time I see my boys, with every thought, touch, smile and tear; it feels like the moment when they were born. At times, one feeling is dominant over another.

My boy Diego scored a penalty kick to help win a soccer final at a tournament and it filled my heart with pride. My other boy, Daniel, is always looking to be by my side. Whether its doing yard work, the Market or Home Depot he's there and this makes me feel warm and loved. I fear for their safety, their health and their happiness. We celebrate their accomplishments, their talents and praise their persona. There is so much to do, to show, to discipline and to complete. The road is hard and long.

I thank God I got this role. I love my wife and together we are being the best parents we can; we love it. 

My advise to another man is don't underestimate your role. You are very important in your child’s development. Stand up. Be a man. Be a loving man. Kiss, hug, hold, praise, show up for your child. In turn, you get to relive that feeling of the moment when your child was born for the rest of your life. Wow!"