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Cavernous Malformation | Daniel

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You just discovered an issue with your brain that can be life altering, can you share?

"August 8th 2015. I was living a normal life. Working full time with a great company, counting down the days until I marry my best friend, just living a normal life. Then at 2AM everything changed. I went to bed with my fiancé and I woke up in an ambulance. Not really sure why I was sore and why I could barely talk. I was thinking, was this real?  I felt like I was dreaming. I mean come on now! A normal 30 year old goes to bed happy and wakes up in a nightmare.

The seizure was caused by a Cavernous Malformation, aka a blood pimple that went undetected for 30 years and bled a while back, causing a seizure. I was freaking out in the hospital because the doctor said I had a unknown spot on my brain and then he left. I was scared.  I’m thinking could this be it? I'm only 30? I have not accomplished my goals and I just started my life.  

It’s been three months since that day when I was officially diagnoses with this minor issue.  Minor compared to what it could have been and one that can be treated with surgery. Today. I have answers and I’m blessed. My situation could have been horrible. My only limitations are no heavy lifting, no drinking, and no crazy work outs which to me this sucks because of my lifestyle. 

By trade I’m a Personal Trainer. My job is to motivate and get people in the best shape possible.  However, when it comes to your own life, how does one motivate and apply the skills of the trade to themselves? It’s hard, but you start with the end goal. If you want to be successful, just as bad as you want to breath then you'll be successful. Life is hard and it’s supposed to be hard. Never give up!  Life will always throw you curve balls, the only person who is in charge is you. What motivates me is to never look at the glass half empty and to strive for the best life.

I will get past this and I will be better then ever!"