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The Grit

Pappa Wasn't | Joe

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I know that you're a amateur rap artist. Throw down a lyric.

"I wrote this right after I looked out the project window & seen a 15 year old kid gunned down. 

It's a blessing to be alive, Yet we living in hell, Alarm clocks not needed, We woke to gun shells, surviving of drug sales. 

The stress, The drama, We caused on Momma cause Pappa wasn't there to guide us.

Where I'm from it's the circle of life, It's all we know, it seems right, But we been there & lived that, So I want more, Cause I know there's more in store, Then these gun wars, but that's what we were use to, but I don't want to get use to, the things that we're use to, cause it wasn't useful."