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"I think the biggest parenting skill I have taken from my dad is to listen. My dad was a man of few words and I always wondered why when I was a kid. Of course it did not make sense until I had kids of my own that all this time he was listening!! Listening to my stupid jokes, listening to me when I was tired and want to quit Gymnastics, listening when I told him about my first kiss and my first fist fight!! In doing this, he was allowing me to come up with the answers and/or solutions on my own. This has made me a stronger person in this crazy world we live in and all he did was LISTEN!!

Now my wife and I try to do the same with our girls. When I see how happy the girls are when they have figured it out on their own, I think of my dad and what and great prideful feeling you get when your child realizes, hey I did that. Now I know how he felt and it all makes sense. As you know my dad recently passed away and I know up to his last breath all he was doing was listening. I love my dad very much and miss him more and more each day. Bruce Dale Oldham 1948-2015 The best listener I have and will ever know!!"

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