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The Grit

Compton | Robert

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Screw the movie, my man is Straight out of Compton. Robert, you mentioned how tough it was growing up in Compton and how, on more than one occasion, you seen a dead body on the way to school, could you tell me more about that?

"At that time I thought I lived in a normal environment. When the street light came on we are to be in the house because most gang and drug activity was mostly at night. As soon as my daughter was born I had to wait three months before we could travel. On her 3rd month we pack up and moved to Sacramento which was the best I could have done. At 21 I had to give up the night life, friends and family to ensure my children have a better shot a life. I never wanted them to know what it’s like out there. It was a true concrete jungle in the hood."