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The Grit

Stronger | Boots

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Boots is a die hard. This man is very dedicated, meticulous, focused and a bit old school. The man is into powerlifting and blacksmithing. I asked him how were these two activities connected?

"The one and only correlation that makes sense to me is in order to become stronger you have to weaken yourself first. In Powerlifting your body is bruised and torn from constantly breaking down muscle to regrow stronger in a never-ending painful cycle. Your knees hurt, your muscles ache, and your bones make funny noises in the mornings. The same can be applied to blacksmithing. You take your steel and break it down and soften it in a forge to change it on an atomic level. You constantly hammer, and heat… you constantly break and rebuild. Heat and hammer. Rebuild and break. Then one day, if you’ve done everything properly, your steel and your body is stronger than what you first started with."