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Fatherhood | Nic

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Nic is expecting his first child to arrive on February 2016. I asked Nic, as a child what do you wish your Father taught you and what are you going to make a point to teach your little one?

"First of all, my father has been, and always will be my biggest role model. He never really had to sit me down to discuss certain topics, he would teach me by example or would go into detail when certain situations came up. Looking back now, I feel that was best thing he could have done for me personally. It helped me remember the correct way to do things any time that situation came up again and I wouldn’t change my childhood for anything.

One thing I never really had to focus on when I was growing up was what I ate.  My Mom was the chef in the house, and she cooked pretty healthy meals. I was very active in sports so I wasn’t obese, but I was always a bigger kid. Part of the reason is because I would always eat until I was stuffed, or I would eat if I was bored because I always needed to be doing something. Now that I’m older, I’m learning just how important nutrition and exercise is. That is something I would like to teach my daughter from the beginning. I want her to know that when she eats more nutritious foods and exercises more, she will feel better, look better, and do better in school. I want her to understand what her body is needing, not necessarily wanting. I feel that if I can teach her that from the beginning, it will become a habit, and she won’t have as hard of a time as I do with making sure she’s eating the right foods and the right amounts."